Royal Approval for Lexie

Royal Approval for Lexie


Sixth Form pupil Lexie had the privilege of meeting the Duchess of York last week through Lexie’s work with the London Hospitals’ Youth Forum. The Duchess opened a teenager zone in one of the hospitals, a project in which Lexie held a key role.

The Youth Forum is a group of teenagers and young people who work with the hospitals and their young patients to find ways of improving the experience of being in hospital.  Lexie was part of a group which researched, proposed and saw through the launch of teenager zones within the hospitals. The zones provide a dedicated space within the hospital where young patients can take a break and just ‘be themselves’. The zones have been so popular with patients that they are being introduced to hospitals across the country.

Other projects in which Lexie and the Youth Forum are involved include easing the transition for older teenage patients as they move up from paediatric wards to adult wards during their care in hospital.

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