Second Round Victory – Hans Woyda Competition

Second Round Victory – Hans Woyda Competition

On the 16 of November, Caterham mathematicians competed in the second round of the Hans Woyda Competition, against Woldingham School. The Caterham team consisted of Annie L (Third Year), Sophie H (Fifth Year), Luke Y (Lower Sixth) and Maestro Y (Upper Sixth). The competition involved tough questions that we had to complete within time limits of 30, 60 or 90 seconds. There were seven rounds in which we had to do a variety of mental arithmetic, algebra and some challenging geometry questions. The first six rounds were incredibly closely fought; the last round, however, was the round in which we managed to secure a victory, gaining ten points. The final score was 38–32 to Caterham.  

Many thanks to Dr Langdon and Dr Kemp for organising, as well as Woldingham School for hosting this round of the competition.  

Annie L (Third Year) and Sophie H (Fifth Year) 

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