Second Year Science Fair

Second Year Science Fair

Fever pitch excitement dominated the final of the Second Year Science Fair held at the close of the Spring Term. Our pupils worked in teams to design a research project using their Second Year science experience. The first step was for each team to establish a question relevant to everyday life. Next the teams designed experiments to try and answer their question and compiled a poster which informed, explained and showcased their work.

The teams worked across the Spring Term preparing for the grand finale of the fayre itself. The Wilberforce Hall and Concourse were filled with displays of the pupils’ work and we welcomed in the year group and parents to review the impressive results.

The posters were shortlisted by the science teaching team, and then judged by the President of Caterham’s Moncreiff-Jones Science Society and a select committee of previous MJ Society speakers.

Well done everyone and congratulations to our winners who answered the question ‘Which Wheels Allow the Car to go Fastest.’


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