Sgt Keyworth Skiing with the Army

Sgt Keyworth Skiing with the Army

I was very honoured to be selected for a six-day skiing cadre, run by the Army’s Cadet Centre for Adventurous Training (CCAT) this half-term. It was my first time ever skiing, so I was very excited as I joined Army cadets from across the UK, making friends surprisingly easily on the 18-hour coach journey to Bavaria. Once on the slopes, the first morning was definitely the most challenging part because we were learning the basics of stopping which involved lots of side stepping up a small slope.

Over the course I progressed very quickly, by the end being able to parallel turn confidently down a red slope with bad snow conditions. This was such an amazing opportunity which I am so grateful for – for context, the price that I paid did not even cover the cost of my lift passes! I finished with a massive smile on my face and with the surprise honour of being awarded my intermediate qualification despite being a member of the basic cadre. If any cadet has the opportunity to apply for a CCAT course, do it: it is such an incredible organisation with great instructors and great opportunities.

Sgt Keyworth, Lower Sixth

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