Sixth Form Maths in Action Trip

Sixth Form Maths in Action Trip

The Maths in Action trip on 18 November was inspiring. From fun maths puzzles to how human irrationality can affect the working of Game Theory, maths is so much more than A Level textbooks. It was nice to listen to different maths talks in a hall with many other mathematicians for the first time since the pandemic. I was also fascinated by the variety of things you can do after studying maths. You can be an engineer working with NASA building spacecraft, or you can be a journalist writing down interesting maths problems you’ve encountered when travelling around the world. One of the highlights of the day was when the speaker took out his guitar and sang to us the song that inspired his talk.  

Maths can be useful, but maths is also everywhere and sometimes simply too beautiful to be ignored. Last but definitely not least, Dr Frost’s exam tips were highly beneficial for us maths students and it was just incredible to listen to him in real life. The trip was surely a fun and valuable one. 

Thank you to Mr Ware and Mrs Pearce for taking us. 

Fiona C (Lower Sixth Form) 

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