Sixth Form Vertical Buddies

Sixth Form Vertical Buddies

Vertical Buddies programme continues this year and the Upper Sixth have stepped up to their role with excellence.

Starting a new chapter in school, especially in the transition from Fifth Year to Lower Sixth can be both exciting and daunting, especially when new to the school. It’s a time when pupils are exploring new horizons academically and socially, and they can greatly benefit from guidance and support. One effective way to facilitate this transition and ensure a smooth settling-in process is through a vertical buddying system which we have in place in the Sixth Form at Caterham.

This system pairs Upper Sixth pupils with their Lower Sixth counterparts, providing a wealth of advantages that foster a supportive and nurturing educational environment, including mentorship, confidence, academic support, social integration, personal growth, and a smooth transition. By harnessing the collective experience and wisdom of older pupils, we can create an environment where every pupil has the opportunity to thrive, learn, and grow together. This system not only benefits the newcomers but enriches the entire school community, creating a culture of inclusivity and support that lasts well beyond the school years.

Nicole McVitty

Deputy Director of Sixth Form

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