Storytime Live Hits 50!

Storytime Live Hits 50!

On Sunday night, Caterham English celebrated their 50th consecutive live show by inviting some incredibly talented performers to soothe the soul on a Sunday.

Over the past eight weeks, the department has read three novels, seen over twenty students perform music, hosted seven quizzes and raised nearly £7000 for charity all thanks to your incredible support. On Sunday, each singer brought something different from their original performance and we even had a world exclusive from Ashleigh Davies, who performed her new single for the first time live. The videos have been watched over 450 times on our story and a huge thank you to Millie, Becca, Alyssa, Ashleigh, Charlotte, Olivia, Anna Davies, Anna Wright, Nathan, Drew and Megan. The show continues nightly at 9pm, but we are hopeful some semblance of normality will resume before we celebrate our century! 

Thanks go to Ellen (Upper Sixth Form) for the amazing sketch of the Instagram live shows 

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