Summer Partnerships

Summer Partnerships

Work alongside our partners continues through the summer holiday. Lower Sixth Form pupils and members of the maths and English departments will be taking part online as teaching assistants and teachers respectively, with the Invicta Academy during August.

This is a superb initiative with Invicta Academy set up to support those children in less fortunate circumstances during the first lockdown. The aim of Invicta is to deliver 20,000 learning opportunities in 20 days over the four weeks of August on a national level, focusing on disadvantaged children. Good luck to all involved

Good luck also to 32 of our pupils who will be volunteering in schools over the next few weeks.  Members of the Fifth Year and Lower Sixth Form will be volunteering in local Primaries and at Kingsford Community School, an 11-16 school in Beckton East London.  The pupils are keen to get stuck in and will be undertaking a variety of tasks.  No doubt the experience will be beneficial to all!

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