Superb Presentations at IRP Final 2022

Superb Presentations at IRP Final 2022

Six Upper Sixth Form pupils modelled the very best in presentation skills, communicating complex ideas, and thinking on their feet in an epic IRP Finals Night on Thursday. Each pupil had just 7 minutes to present on their six months of research, followed by another 7 minutes of questioning from both judges and the audience. Huge credit is due to all six finalists; the standard of competition was as high as it has ever been in the twelve years of the competition. Prize winners were as follows;

Winner – Holly (The Importance of Being Mansfield – How did Wilde’s Aestheticism and colonial upbringing shape Mansfield.)

2nd Place – Noah (Imperial Rome)

3rd Place – Alex (Quantum computing architecture)

Audience Prize – O-Teen (Quantifying uncertainty)

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