Technology Distinguished Status Confirmed by Apple

Technology Distinguished Status Confirmed by Apple

Caterham School has once again been recognised as a leading school for its application of technology in teaching and learning with the extension of the school’s Apple Distinguished status. The School is one of only a handful of UK schools be formally accredited as an Apple Distinguished School. 

The extension of Caterham’s Apple status follows the execution of a best practice programme to integrate the use of iPads alongside traditional teaching methods. Since the full roll-out of the programme in September 2015, students have used iPads in a range of innovative ways, including receiving instructive and interactive verbal marking and feedback on homework via their iPads.
Since the launch of the programme, the school has received interest and visitors from across the globe, keen to learn from Caterham’s experience and success.  The School’s innovative approach to technology has also brought a shortlist nomination for the Times Educational Supplement ‘Best Use of Technology’ awards, to be announced early next month.

Adam Webster, Director of Innovation says: “Our experience has proven that the correct use of technology can reinforce our ethos: that learning extends beyond the classroom and is a lifelong experience.  Our approach extends well beyond the simple use of technology and also prioritises wellbeing and equipping our young people to make good decisions and effectively manage their use of technology.  They are heading out into an ever tech-dependent world and it is vital that schools prepare them, in every sense, to thrive online and offline. They need to know when and how to use technology, and how to best maintain their mental and physical wellbeing.
Our approach to digital learning is a partnership with parents. The Caterham Online Partnership (available on Firefly) provides a wealth of resources and information to support teachers, parents and pupils in keeping safe and healthy online.”

The Caterham Online Partnership is designed to ensure that parents and pupils remain informed about the experiences young people are having online and the decisions both young people and the adults charged with their care are making to keep them safe.

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