Trustees Link to Young & Diverse Voices

Trustees Link to Young & Diverse Voices

Caterham School is the first UK school to establish a Shadow Board of under-30 alumni to work with the Board of Trustees  as they make decisions about the school’s future and approach.

The school, whose founders include abolitionist and philanthropist William Wilberforce, The Shadow Board forges a direct link between the School’s existing Board of Trustees and young people from a diverse range of communities who have recently transitioned from the classroom to the fast-changing world of higher education and work. The new board will help train young people in corporate governance and ensure board level roles are an aspiration for young people from across the school community. The model builds on the experience of international corporate firms who have benefitted from Next Gen boards.

Ceri Jones, Headmaster of Caterham School said: “The Shadow Board will challenge, improve and advise on the decision-making of the Board of Trustees on a range of topics including strategy and delivery, bringing to bear fresh, diverse perspectives on what is in the best interests of the School and the experience of our pupils. For many decades Caterham has had a diverse pupil body and it’s fantastic to see this reflected in our Shadow Board.” 

“It’s vital that young people from all communities know that board level positions are open to them and, crucially, that they have opportunities to gain training and practical experience to support their future ambitions. Shadow Board members receive continuous training of board and corporate level operation. The launch of our shadow board demonstrates to all our pupils that young people have a voice that is listened to and acted upon at the highest level in our organisation.”

Caterham has driven the UK schools’ agenda on embracing technology and innovation in education to best prepare young people for a rapidly changed work place.  In 2020 the school worked with the Home Office and the London Office of Technology and Information to support UK schools to embrace innovation and technology in learning and teaching. Opening up a formal channel to young professionals with a Shadow Board of young people using both skills and technology in the workplace will further support the growth of innovation and technology skills in education.

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