UCAS 2020 Entry – Strong Results from Early Applications

UCAS 2020 Entry – Strong Results from Early Applications

Fifty-three Upper Sixth pupils have submitted their UCAS applications to their chosen universities. All of these applications are known as early applications – those applying to Oxford, Cambridge, Medicine, Dentistry or Vet Medicine, which had to be submitted by October 15. As most have applied to five universities, this has resulted in two hundred and sixty eight individual university applications in a wide range of subjects from Medicine, Classics, Psychology, Earth Sciences, Economics and Artificial Intelligence to History, Chemistry, Natural Sciences, Economics and English as well as many others. University choices have also been varied and included applications to Warwick, Exeter, Bristol, Cardiff, Imperial, Manchester and Durham as well as Oxford and Cambridge.

I am delighted to report that as of Monday 4 November seventy-three of these 268 applications, (that is 27%) have already received offers. Two students, applying for Geography and Classics have received offers from four of their five choices! Of course, whilst this is exciting for those students, there are still many who have not received a decision and I would like to reiterate that there is no need to panic. Each university and often each department have their own way of making offers, with some not making any decisions until the final UCAS deadline (15 January) has passed and of course, those students whose courses require interviews will have to wait a lot longer.

I would now like to encourage the remaining students to complete their applications and submit them for processing or come and talk to me to discuss any issues they might have.

Mrs Clare Brown, Head of Careers

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