UKMT Senior Maths Challenge

UKMT Senior Maths Challenge

Congratulations to the 14 gold medal winners, the 18 silver medal winners, the 20 bronze medal winners, and to the eight other participants in the UKMT Senior Maths Challenge held two weeks ago (aimed at Sixth Form pupils).

14 pupils achieved the qualifying mark for the follow on rounds, of whom eight qualified for the Kangaroo and six for the extremely demanding British Maths Olympiad. They are held on Thursday 26 November.

Special Congratulations to Sally in the Upper Sixth Form (Best in School with 120/125), Maestro in Lower Sixth Form (Best in year with 117/125), Alex in Fifth Year (Best in Year with 112/125)- but well done also to William and Eric in the Fifth Year who got 108 and 99 respectively, and Lisa who is only in the Fourth Year but still achieved an excellent 73/125 and a silver medal.

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