Vets Visit the Wright Society

Vets Visit the Wright Society

Aspiring vets in the Wright Society were lucky enough to have two vets come to visit them on consecutive Wednesday sessions. The first was Lauren Talbot, an Old Cat who studied at Surrey University from 2015-2020. We had a lovely Q&A session with her about how we should prepare for the types of questions we may face in our university interviews and also entered an interesting discussion about how Brexit has changed the way people travel with animals across borders. We found Lauren really informative about staring a career in veterinary medicine and wish her all the best.

Our second visiting vet was Bron Eastwood, Miss Q’s aunt! The future vets really enjoyed meeting her face to face and discussed some of the struggles of being a vet as well as how to manage a sustainable work/life balance. She spoke about her experiences working abroad in Egypt and Belize caring for exotic animals such as manatees, storks and camels! The standout part of our session with Bron was her bringing a recently deceased barn owl with an irreparable fractured wing. It was really interesting to be able to see wildlife up close and we all wanted to thank Bron hugely for taking the time out of her day to tell us about the profession in such an honest way.

Finally we had Grace Roberts call us over teams. Grace was a really interesting example of how you do not have to take the traditional approach of completing A Levels and going straight to vet school to become a vet. Grace completed a Physics degree before deciding she wasn’t doing what she truly enjoyed, so she learnt the whole A Level biology syllabus in a year in order to be able to apply to vet school at Nottingham. She was really informative about how we can best prepare for applying to vet school and about what stands out about the course at Nottingham. We hope the rest of Grace’s veterinary degree goes successfully.


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