Visor production takes pace

Visor production takes pace

Our hardworking 3D department joined forces with Prep School Art to produce 200 visors in one day this weekThe visors have been distributed around the North Tandridge Primary Care Network and are already being used to protect workers at local residential homes and GP surgeries. 

The production of the masks has evolved over the past week to speed up the process and make use of more accessible material and fabrication techniques. Last week, the initial design took the 3D printer 12 hours to print four head bands using 63 metres of PLA (a biodegradable plastic derived from corn starch mounted onto a reel). This was clearly too slow, so the volunteer team designed and manufactured its own ‘low tech’ visor from clear PVC, foam, elastic and snap poppers which could be quickly assembled.   

A new design is set to speed up production further still next week with a version suited for hospital use with no fabric parts. Kitronic who supply primary and secondary schools with materials for Design & Technology have shared a different visor design which can be quickly laser cut from sheet polypropylene.   

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