Waiting for World Book Day

Waiting for World Book Day

World Book Day is approaching on Thursday 3 March. This is one of the most exciting days of the year for the English Department and we are delighted that this year we will be able to celebrate it with pupils in person.

Each year, staff members are invited to dress up as favourite characters from books and for the first time, we are inviting First and Second Year Pupils to join in the fray! The only condition is that they must carry a copy of the book from which their character comes and be able to explain their character and costume – ideally reading out a description of the character from the book itself! There will be a competition on whose costume best reflects their book character, with a book voucher of £30.00 for the winner and £15.00 for two runners up. Other pupils who can come in as a character are those Sixth Formers involved with any activities on the day such as those doing Outreach or the English Ambassadors. Dressing up is entirely optional but we do so hope that lots of your children enter into the spirit and excitement of the day.

To that end, as the purpose of this is to celebrate reading, what better way than to have lots of pupils reading? Therefore, all English homeworks across all year groups will be suspended for World Book Day (or the nearest allotted homework day) and we ask that pupils use the time to read instead. We would love it if parents, siblings and wider family also joined in – do send in photos of family book time, snug readings nooks or beautiful bookshelves and we will showcase them on the Caterham English Instagram page. English lessons will also obviously focus on celebrating reading (even more than usual!), whilst our Sixth Form English Ambassadors will be running some fun activities in the library at lunchtime or visiting the Prep school or local primary schools to read to children.

We so look forward to celebrating World Book Day with you all.

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