Wearing Red for Mufti Day

Wearing Red for Mufti Day

We’re delighted that Caterham pupils are supporting the national campaigns to make our communities safer for women.  We are proud that our pupils want to speak out on important issues and be a part of initiatives that raise awareness.  

This mufti day some of our pupils chose to wear red to acknowledge the need for women’s safety to be given higher importance. This was supported by assemblies across the school from Mr Jones and activities in Wellbeing lessons.  We want to reassure pupils that the crime committed against Sarah Everard is rare, but that violence or fear of violence still affects too many lives.

Together, we can all play our part to support change. 

Mufti Day raised £900 for Young Minds and Lerang’wa Lunches – two particularly important causes – thank you to all those who have contributed.  It is not too late to donate – please logon to the donations page on WisePay

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