Wellbeing: Dick Moore Session for Parents

Wellbeing: Dick Moore Session for Parents

Good humour, openness and a genuine passion for young people’s mental health shone through at Dick Moore’s wellbeing talk for parents.  The overwhelming response from the gathered parents of both senior and prep pupils was that the advice within Dick’s speech was helpful, accessible and of huge value as we support young people through teenage years into young adulthood.

Dick Moore has lead staff inset and dedicated Sixth Form sessions at Caterham, speaking on behalf of the Charlie Waller Memorial Trust. Whilst we will welcome Dick to Caterham again, any parents who missed Monday’s talk may wish to view Dick’s TEDx talk here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wstksuaSMD4

Feedback from parents was hugely supportive:

“We feel very privileged to part of the Caterham community and really value the emphasis the school places on nurturing students to become well rounded individuals.”

“Thank you for bringing in Dick Moore to talk to us – it was brilliant and informative.”

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