Intermediate IRP Final

Intermediate IRP Final

Hot on the heels of the Senior (Sixth Form) Independent Research Prize Finals Night a fortnight ago comes the Intermediate (Fourth & Fifth Year) IRP Finals Night. This evening will showcase the research and intellectual endeavour of the middle school with six finalists chosen from a very strong field of over forty entries.

Each finalist will present his / her research and then field questions from the audience.

The live stream of the presentations will begin at 7.00pm on Wednesday 2 December and the evening is expected to finish at 8.20pm. Please join us at this link:

*          Noah (Fifth Year): Why was Cicero exiled in 58 BC?
*          Anastasia (Fifth Year): Can stem cell therapy treat Parkinson’s disease?
*          Alice (Fifth Year): To what extent is marriage presented as an imprisoning force in literature?
*          Alex (Fifth Year): An investigation into the methods and applications of graph colouring problems.
*          Holly (Fifth Year): What is the role of women and the feminine in Virgil’s Aeneid?
*          Iris (Fifth Year): Can humans be ‘scared to death’?

 Prepare to be blown away by some of Caterham’s brightest young scholars!

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