A Stars in their Eyes for Caterham Sixth Form

A Stars in their Eyes for Caterham Sixth Form

Today’s A Level results saw outstanding success at Caterham School with two thirds of all grades achieved A*/A and almost 30 per cent the top A* grade. The results once again secured Caterham’s place in the ‘premier league’ of UK independent schools with A* to B grades at 86 per cent and over 96 per cent at A* to C. These results have been achieved with almost all pupils continuing into the Sixth Form following on from their GCSE studies at the school. 

This year’s leavers not only secured a places at leading universities, including Oxford and Cambridge where 62 former pupils are currently studying , but also to coveted professional apprenticeships including BP and EY where Charlie Heaton-Armstrong was successful amongst 8,000 applicants for just three places.

Top achiever Max Zhelyabovskiy gained five A*s and an A, with six pupils also gaining 23 A*s between them. Head Girl Anna Gardner and Head Boy Joseph Haynes celebrated success collectively gaining seven A*s and one A grade.

STEM subjects showed very strong results with Maths netting a total of 31 A* graders and Further Maths 16A* grades. In Physics, 71 per cent of all grades were A*/A. The Art department were also celebrating with a 100% A* rate.

Commented Mr Ceri Jones, Headmaster: “Today is a day of celebration for our Upper Sixth who have achieved such a strong set of exam results. I am very proud of each and every one of them.

They have been a super year group throughout their time at Caterham and I am so pleased to see them leave having achieved such great things but also having made great friendships and having developed strong interests and passions that will sustain them for the rest of their lives. They have shown that strong academic ambition and results do go hand in hand with a balanced approach to life.

We believe that all our pupils are capable of great things and support all of them to become the best that they can be, and it is great to see the variety and range of university destinations and careers they are moving on to.

This strong set of results is underpinned by the hard work and commitment of both pupils and teachers. It is heartening that our approach to education, which encourages pupils to think and not just to regurgitate, continues to bring such fantastic results at A Level, and beyond.”

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