It just doesn’t get any better than biology!

No subject is moving faster than Biology. With recent advances in our knowledge of genetics, the sequencing of the human genome, and a fierce world-wide debate raging over evolution, stem cell research, cloning, GM crops and many other topics – there is no greater time to be studying Biology.

There is no better Department in England than the award-winning department at Caterham School! Our main objective is to enthuse the pupils to love Biology – through staff who just love Biology, and through encouraging independent thought and analysis.

The Department is superbly resourced – providing pupils with extensive opportunities for practical work. Pupils learn better through doing rather than listening or watching someone else demonstrate an experiment. We make the subject as hands-on as possible – this is taken to an extreme at A Level, where we get pupils out into the field as much as possible to experience real life Biology.

The Biology Department consists of seven full-time teachers and one & a half slightly mad lab technicians. The Department has won no less than seven Good Schools Guide Awards in the last nine years!

Science is a core subject, which is studied by all pupils in the school up to GCSE. Pupils are prepared for the London Edexcel IGCSE Science Examinations. The subject is taught as the three separate Sciences of Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Pupils will be entered for either the IGCSE Double Award Science Examination (2 GCSE passes) or three separate IGCSE Sciences (3 GCSE passes)

IGCSE Double Award Course

Double Award is the usual examination taken nationally by the majority of pupils and provides the required background needed to study any of the three individual sciences in the Sixth Form at AS or A2 level. The new AS courses are written on assumption of knowledge of Double Award. In fact IGCSE Double Award provides a better foundation for taking Sciences at AS level than the ‘old’ GCSE.

IGCSE Separate Science Courses

At Caterham, all pupils will follow the Triple Award (Separate Sciences) course in the Third and Fourth Year. After the Summer exams of the Fourth Year pupils and parents will be advised if we think the Double Award route might be more a suitable option. If this is the case then they will complete the Fifth Year in a Double Award set.



Mr Dan Quinton, MA Oxon, FSB, Head of Science and Head of Biology

Dan studied Biology at St Peter’s College, Oxford, specialising in Botany. After 15 years in the music business he changed careers, and has now completed over 15 years teaching Biology at Caterham School. His specialist interest is Evolution. Outside school hours Dan can be found either playing the double bass in jazz clubs or at right mid for Oxted Vets hockey team.

Mrs Aimee Seal BSc Biological Sciences (Hons), Teacher of Biology and Head of Year

Aimee is a graduate of the University of Durham, with a BSc (Hons) in Biological Sciences, and she completed her PGCE at Newcastle University. She taught in the Lake District where she is from before relocating to Caterham 10 years ago. Aimee has enjoyed teaching both Biology and Human Biology at A-level in recent years and her particular subject interests are Physiology and Molecular Biology. Outside the classroom she is a Head of Year for First/Second years and finds supporting their pastoral needs very rewarding. She is a Ballroom and Latin American dancer, and has enjoyed choreographing the School Musicals. She is also part of the D of E team.

{Mrs Isis Whitwell BSc, Biological Sciences Teacher of Biology}

Isis is a University of York graduate with a BSc (Hons) in Biological Sciences. York is also where she completed her PGCE. As part of her degree she participated in an industrial placement at Imperial College where she was involved in Cystic Fibrosis research. Her subject interests include Genetics and Microbiology. Outside the classroom Isis has always enjoyed swimming and during her time at York was a member of her university Octopush team.

Mr Christopher Bovet-White, BSc, Teacher of Biology

Having studied Biomedical Sciences BSc (Hons) at Southampton University and then working in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry, he was inspired to get into teaching. When not in the classroom he can be found at CCF or instructing on the wildcats as Plt Off Bovet-White, coaching Basketball, running the medics society. He is also a boarding tutor for the Senior boys. He is passionate about Human biology and relishes the support he provides to our future healthcare professionals.

Miss Anne-Fleur Brand

Fleur graduated as a Veterinarian (DVM) with a MSc in Large Animal Health & Veterinary Public Health from Utrecht University in the Netherlands. She has a second MSc in Toxicology & Environmental Health, specialising in how environmental pollution affects wild animals that can be indicator species for human health.  Outside the classroom she assists the prospective Medical and Vet students and runs the Green Committee; striving to make Caterham School more sustainable. She spends one of her weekdays working as a Veterinarian at a rehabilitation centre for British wildlife. In her free time she enjoys running, cycling and being outdoors.

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