Truth is stranger than fiction and that is why History tells so many fascinating stories. It is, above all, a subject that is about people: wonderful people, terrible people, great people, ordinary people and all the people in between.

In their History lessons at Caterham School, History is brought alive by the teachers’ genuine passion for their subject. Pupils develop the skills of critical thinking, incisive analysis, effective oral and written argument, reading between the lines, essay writing and much, much more. History is not just a dry series of dates and events (though they do matter), it is an ongoing process of investigation, analysis, selection and debate. It is this process which inspires inquisitive, challenging and analytical minds to pursue the subject up the school and beyond.

Every year, a significant number of students go on to study History at universities, including Oxford and Cambridge, and the department runs regular enrichment classes to push forward the historical thinking of those who desire to be further challenged.

Popular trip destinations include Rochester for the First Year; Chatham Docks for the Second Year; the WWI battlefields for the Third Year. There is a regular programme of Clio (History Society) talks and we arrange many theatre trips. Various competitions are also run, promoting the sort of independent thinking and learning that other subjects can only talk about!

A truly remarkable number of History graduates have gone on to become the movers and shakers of modern-day Britain… With a History degree you can aspire to be Prime Minister, press baron and media mogul, overlord of the BBC, ‘the most famous lawyer in the land’, Archbishop of Canterbury, top spook, leading diplomat, police chief, Oxbridge chancellor and vice-chancellor, England footballer and football manager, or chairman of the richest football club in the world, famous comedian or celebrated pop musician, bestselling novelist, trade union boss, business millionaire and perhaps even one day monarch of the realm. 
Professor David Nicholls


Katy James BA (Hons) (London), PGCE (London), Head of History, Vice-President of Caterham School Debating Society

Ceri Jones, MA (Cantab), MEd – Headmaster

Nick Mills BA (Hons) Liverpool, PGCE (London), Teacher of History, Head of Viney House

Ruth Nagar BA (Hons) (London), PGCE (London), Acting Head of Department

Tom Phillips (MA) Head of Politics, Teacher of History

Rob Salem BA (Hons) (Oxon.), PGCE (London), MA (London), Senior Teacher Academic, Teacher of History, Vice-President of Caterham School Debating Society


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