Geography has never been more important than it is now.

Humans have never been more interconnected, and we have never known so much about the natural world, its biodiversity and the consequences of our actions on a dynamic biosphere. The integration of all these things is the essence of Geography.

At Caterham, we enthuse our students to have a curiosity about the world, about the problems we face and about how we can help solve these problems.This makes the study of Geography essential if we want to understand the place we live.

The department has enthusiastic, dedicated teachers who love the subject. Their great skill and dedication enable them to inspire their students with that same love. However, Geography cannot just be taught in the classroom – as it is about the wider world, we take opportunities for students to visit Box Hill, the Olympic Park, South Wales, Morocco and Iceland as well as the School͛s own woodland.

Outside the curriculum there is also a chance for the students to participate in the Geographical Society, where they can present and discuss a topic away from the syllabus. Most years we also run the Geographical Quiz of the Year– a popular and entertaining look at the world with a competitive edge!

Ultimately, we aim for Geography to be fun, engaging and interactive at all levels of the school. A large number of students go on to study Geography or Geography-related disciplines at University The breadth of knowledge, perspectives and skills that go into a geographical education are increasingly applicable in a complex and continuously evolving labour market and few subjects are as well regarded by employers.




Stuart Terrell MPhil, PGCE, Head of Geography

Vanessa Mesher MA (Cantab), PGCE, Teacher of Geography, Assistant Head of Fifth Year

Robert Mugridge BA, PGCE, Teacher of Geography, Head of Aldercombe House, Head of Senior School Hockey

Rebecca Wallace, MA, PGCE, Part Time Teacher of Geography

Jonathan Batty, Teacher of Geography, Master i/c Cricket

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