East Surrey Learning Partnership

East Surrey Learning Partnership

The East Surrey Learning Partnership is a partnership of independent and maintained schools working together to support ambition and achievement for all.


Click here to access Fizzy Maths Activity Packs

High attainers from ESLP Primaries have been completing the Fizzy Maths Packs, and then attending a maths seminar at Caterham School. Please use the link for example material – why not have a go!

ESLP Science

Classes from local primaries attend science sessions at Caterham School, delivered by Caterham staff and assisted by Catehram sixth formers.  The classes attend on a four week cycle.

The aim is to increase openness to science, and empower pupils through increased confidence, using resources accessible in the Caterham science department.  The sessions address National Curriculum science targets around measuring, recording and presenting data whilst using the apparatus confidently and accurately.

ESLP Reading groups

Our Sixth Form and teachers have embarked on a significant partnership with local primary schools, contributing to the ‘catch up’ agenda, enriching the curriculum, and learning as they go.  Teams of sixth formers have lead reading lessons and reading groups, having gained some experience in our own Prep School, and with ongoing training and reflection.





Coding INSET Silver

Coding INSET Bronze

Memory and Feedback INSET 

Peer Learning

Skellig Podcast Series

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