Bursarial Staff

Bursarial Staff



Mrs Angela Higgs, BSc, FCA


Mrs Claire Acharya

Boarding Matron

Miss Catherine Acton

EA to the Headmaster and Office Manager

Mr Pádraig Ahern

Catering Manager 

Mrs Allyson Aranha

School Secretary

Mr Malcolm Bailey, BA, BEd

Examinations Officer

Mrs Sue Ball

Fees Manager

Mrs Jane Barrett

Senior School Nurse

Mrs Samantha Barton

Boarding Matron

Mr Duncan Bellinger-Brown

MIS Manager

Mrs Diane Best 

Assistant Registrar (Day)

Mrs Laura Brenner

Reprographics Technician & Playground Assistant

Ms Nuala Buffini

School Counsellor

Mr Alex Canlas

Housekeeping Supervisor

Ms Janice Cannon

School Administrator

Mr Nigel Carpenter

Caretaking supervisor

Mrs Charlotte Clark, BA

Sports Centre Operations Manager

Miss Emma Collings, BA

Development Manager

Mrs Heather Conway

Lead Nurse

Mr Shaun Cooke

Deputy Sports Centre Operations Manager

Mrs Debbie Cosstick

School Administrator

Mrs Gillian Costellow

Finance Assistant

Mrs Jennifer Covell, BEd

3D Design Technician

Mr Peter Curtis

Estates Bursar

Mr Ian Darlington

IT Technician

Mr Robert Davey, BA

President of the Caterham School Society

Mrs Gemma Davies

Deputy MIS Manager

Mr John Dodwell

Head Groundsman

Mrs Marie Dodwell

Senior Boarding Matron

Mrs Jackie Ewart

Secretary to the Music Department

Ms Kalina Ficner

Assistant Catering Manager

Miss Maxine Fisher

Laboratory Assistant

Mrs Sonya Flaherty, BA

HR Administrator

Mrs Lucie Funnell, BA 

Finance Bursar

Mrs Linda Gallagher

Playground Supervisor

Mrs Hannah Graydon, BA

Director of Marketing and Communications

Mrs Karen Griffiths

Admissions Office Assistant

Mrs Annie Hebden, BA

Alumni Officer

Mrs Nicole Heber

Laboratory Technician

Mrs Alison Hill

Assistant Registrar (Boarding)

Mrs Sheila Hill

Boarding Matron

Mr Colin Hitchings

Senior IT Technician

Mrs Suzanne Hitchings

Senior School Matron

Mr Paul Irving

Technical Theatre Manager

Mrs Kasia Janes

SEN Teaching Assistant

Mr Paul Jefferies


Mr Vincent Jefferies


Mrs Alison Jones


Mrs Frances Jones, BSc Eng

Physics Laboratory Technician

Ms Sophie Jones, BA

Art & Design Technician

Mrs Julie Kent

Boarding Matron

Miss Connie Kellaway, AAT

Finance Officer

Mr Matthew King

Network Manager

Miss Patricia Kobak


Mrs Linda Lee

Retail Sales Assistant

Mrs Sue Lister

HR Adminstrator (maternity cover)

Mr Andrew Longley

Security Officer

Mrs Kat Low

School Shop Manager

Mr Daniel Luck

Deputy IT Systems Manager 

Mrs Julie Lynn

Commercial Manager

Mr Kevin Marshall

Laboratory Technician

Mr Nigel Mason

School Driver and Porter

Mr Niven Matlock

Security Officer

Mr Craig Miller

Site Supervisor

Mrs Deborah Moore

Head of Library Resources Centre, Assistant Head of Third Year

Mrs Alison Mott

Health care Assistant

Mr Michael Murphy

IT Technician

Mrs Jane Norris

Marketing & Events Executive

Mrs Tanya Ojukwu, MA

School Counsellor

Ms Rebecca Parker

Bursar’s PA and Bursarial Administrator

Mr Jamie Parrett

Deputy Head Groundsman

Mrs Kim Parish

Senior School Nurse

Miss Kate Patatsou

School Administrator

Miss Jemima Rawlings

Graduate Assistant

Mr Tony Ross

Domestic Services Manager

Mrs Tina Skegg

Deputy Catering Manager 

Mr Mark Stafford

Head Chef 

Mrs Jennipher Stephens

Senior School Matron

Mrs Vicky Taylor

Visual Arts Technician 

Mr Patrick Tinmouth

Assistant Commercial Manager (Sport)

Mrs Toni Tucker

Purchasing and Finance Assistant

{Mrs Evelyn White

HR Administrator}

Mrs Hilary Williams


Dr Richard Wright

Medical Officer

{brackets} indicate staff on maternity/paternity leave



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