School History and Tradition

School History and Tradition

Caterham School has a long and proud history of educating young people as a day and boarding school.

The School was founded in 1811, in Lewisham, by the Rev. John Townsend to provide a boarding education for the sons of Congregationalist ministers. The abolitionist and philanthropist William Wilberforce was a founding Governor of the School.

In 1884 the School moved to its current site in the picturesque Harestone Valley in Surrey, having outgrown its London premises. In 1890, Caterham opened its doors to the sons of laymen and to day boys. A statue of Rev. Townsend sits proudly in the library and one of the main halls is named after William Wilberforce.

Caterham School has been co-educational for over 35 years. In 1995, the School merged with Eothen School for Girls to create a new independent co-educational foundation. This merger integrated the schools and enabled co-education for girls and boys aged 3 years and upwards.

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