PA Projects

PA Projects

Where profits are raised by Parents’ Assocation events a percentage is given to the PA’s chosen charity and the rest is invested back into the pupils’ experience of the School, providing extra equipment or activities for the pupils over and above that which the School would be expected to provide.

In the last few years, the PA has paid for many different items requested by parents and staff, and has supported many new clubs in their development so that they may be enjoyed by our children to enjoy.

Recent projects funded by the Parents Assocation are:

Innovation Centre

Members of the PA were really pleased to agree to fund £20,000 for equipment in the New Innovation Centre which was opened in September 2016. This is an incredible addition to the co-curricular programme the school will offer and students throughout the school will be able to benefit from this new centre.  We look forward to it opening next term!

Woodland Mapping

Further to Phase 1 of the woodland mapping in 2014, Phase 2 of mapping is now underway and will be completed by next academic year.

Leavers’ Books for Pupils

The PA was happy to make its annual contribution to the Prep Year 6 and the Upper 6 Leavers’ books. We hope that they will offer the students many memories to remember of their time in the Prep and Senior Schools. Good luck to all students moving on for the next chapter!

Composting Toilets for the Woodland

Many positive plans for the woodland are taking place and the PA was very pleased to be able to fund these toilets for the benefit of everyone who visits the area!  These will be installed and ready for use for next term.


Pop Up Gazebos

John Dodwell and his team of grounds men give the PA enormous support all year with events.   They requested we purchase pop-up gazebos with lighting attachments which could be used throughout the school for many events including sports days and fixtures which would save time in the set-up of events. 

Inflatable Sports Tent

The Senior Sports staff requested a tent for the various away matches played by our teams.  These tents are light to carry and very quick to set up.  They are also designed to withstand whatever weather is thrown at them!

Prep School Planters

Our school benefits from a wonderful environment for our students to learn in.  Mr Tuckett requested the old broken planters, that add so much colour to the Prep playground, be replaced.   The PA were happy to support this.



Motor for Soderberg Hall Curtains

During the academic year 2014-2015 we allocated £10,000 to the Preparatory School for technical equipment for the Soderberg Hall.  The motor to complete the project and was installed this academic year.  We were very happy to be able to collaborate with the Old Cats on these improvements as they donated the new curtains.   

Outdoor Technical Equipment

At Fireworks 2015 the student singers had to be cancelled due to the inadequate and unsafe technical equipment.  The PA voted to fund new equipment conforming to current standards which will be used throughout the school for many events such as outdoor plays, Remembrance Day, CCF events, Sports Days and many PA events. 

Storage Boxes for Prep sports clothing

The Sports Staff at the Preparatory School requested boxes to store clothing for the students whilst they play on the courts as our British weather often means fleeces and tracksuit bottoms left on the side get rather wet!  The PA was very happy to purchase 3 sturdy plastic boxes for the benefit of the students and staff!





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