Clubs & Activities

Clubs & Activities

At Caterham School, we believe that a truly excellent school is about more than academic achievement alone: it is also about developing a passion for learning, a capacity for independent and critical thinking, self-awareness and resilience, self-confidence without arrogance and genuine interests that extend beyond the confines of the classroom.

We focus on developing the whole person, aiming to ensure that each pupil leaves here ready for the challenges of life at university and beyond and understanding their responsibilities towards others. We want our pupils to leave Caterham well equipped to engage positively with a rapidly changing world as accomplished problem solvers and innovators, confident in their ability to lead and with a clear appreciation of and respect for the views and potential of others. In so doing we remain true to our founding Christian principles and values.

It is the aim of the School’s Co-Curricular programme to foster these qualities and skills whilst supporting the Academic and Wellbeing programmes.

This is realised through a programme of activities which:

  • fosters commitment and develops resilience; students are encouraged to challenge themselves by caring and involved members of staff who understand the goals of our pupils’ personal development.
  • offers a wide range of academic, sporting, artistic, cultural, charitable and leadership opportunities which enables individual students to find and pursue their personal passions whilst developing transferrable skills and qualities.
  • enables individual students to find a level of commitment which provides an appropriate balance between endeavours in timetabled lessons and beyond these.
  • encourages both participation at a level suited to the individual and the pursuit of excellence where appropriate.

The co-curricular programme aims to develop leadership skills; this is particularly true in The Sixth Form when pupils are encouraged to lead new activities and societies about which they are passionate.

Pupils are strongly encouraged to take responsibility for designing their own co-curricular programme, in consultation with their tutor. A Freshers’ Fair is held at the start of the Autumn Term as part of the Schools’ Induction Programme for both new and existing pupils. Pupils are encouraged to reflect upon their co-curricular programme, considering how they are making use of opportunities to develop skills and qualities which will serve them in life beyond school.

Archery Club

Ballroom Dancing Club


Sixth Form Charity Committee

Chinese Club

Christian Union

Classics Club

Clifton Hill School

Junior Debating

Senior Debating Club

Combined Cadet Force

Da Vinci Society

Deutscher Stammtisch Club


Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme

Economics at Caterham School

Economics and Business Society

Sixth Form Enrichment

Euro Club

Fencing Club

Caterham Film Club

Film Club

Caterham French Society

French Society

GCSE French Conversation Club

Graphics Club

Geography Society

Gymnastics Club


Judo Club



Linguistics Club

Literary Societies

Junior Maths Club

Sixth Form Maths Extension

Sixth Form Maths Extension (STEP and MAT)

Model United Nations (MUN)



Photography Club

Psychology Book & Film Club

Psychology Clinic

Rounders Club

Running Club

Scuba Diving

Socratic Society

GATOS Spanish Club

St John’s Primary Drama Club

Swimming Club

Synchronised Swimming Club


Junior Table Tennis Club



Taekwondo Club

Caterham tap dancing club

Tap Dance Club

Textiles Club

Thunk Club

Water Polo

The Writer’s Block

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