Junior Maths

The Junior Maths Club is a wonderful opportunity to try out extension problems in mathematics. Typically, the pupils work from Mathematical Challenge papers as they are a source of high-quality problems allowing the pupils to think a mathematically abstract way. 

Open to: First and Second Years

Time: Wednesday 12:35pm-1:10pm

Location: M27

Contact: Mr Nick Griffiths


Maths Clinics

Maths Clinic – 1st-5th Year

Time: Thursday 12:35pm-1:15pm

Contact: Mrs Penny Parker, Mr James Ogilvie


Maths Clinic – 6th Form

Time:  Monday 4.00pm – Contact: Dr Anthony Langdon, Mr Stephen Lander

          – Tuesday 12:35pm-1:45pm – Contact: Dr Anthony Langdon, Mrs Fiona Scott

          – Tuesday 4.00pm  – Contact: Dr Anthony Langdon, Mr Michael Dimakos


Sixth Form Maths Extension (STEP and MAT)

Every week there is an extension maths session for Sixth Form pupils. We discuss interesting and challenging maths questions mostly STEP (Sixth Term Examination Paper, required by Cambridge/Imperial/Warwick) and MAT (Maths Admissions Test required by Oxford/Imperial). During these sessions the pupils have the opportunity to tackle some very difficult problems and afterwards discuss different possible approaches.  

Sixth Form Maths Extension

Every week there is an extension Maths session for Sixth form pupils. Maths teachers pick and introduce interesting maths topics going well beyond the A level syllabus. The topics discussed vary from Number Theory, Optimization, Combinatorics to Graph Theory and Non-Euclidean Geometries. During these sessions the pupils have the opportunity to get exposed to undergraduate level maths and appreciate its beauty!

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