Media Hub

Media Hub

The Media Hub has been setup to give you a wide variety of real-life publishing opportunities and the experience of working in creative publishing and technology industries whilst also providing a platform to express your opinions, give voice to your ideas and engage in debate with a real-world audience about topics which inspire and interest you.

The platform will develop/facilitate skills around journalism, creative writing and media production as well as allow for creative and academic expression.



The media hub will run out of the Innovation Centre. As the platform develops, different teams will run different sections, but meetings will be necessary to ensure consistency of messaging, timing of delivery of content and planning of content cross platforms.


Possible platforms:

  • Newspaper; digital & print
  • Video/TV
  • Website/App
  • Podcast/Radio
  • Social Media


Further opportunities:

  • There will be a range of leadership opportunities for pupils. Editorial oversight, content planning, team co-ordination, as well as refining interpersonal skills, demonstrating collaborative and creative skills, and decision-making.



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