Kit Car Club

Kit Car Club

The Caterham School Kit Car Club was established in 2008 when we took delivery of our first Caterham Seven sports car in component form.

We have built a number of cars since then. The car is assembled by a team of pupils, meeting on a weekly basis for a couple of hours after school.

The pupils are encouraged to read ahead in the build manual, plan appropriately by organising the necessary components and tools and then they get down to the business of actually constructing the car. It is great to see the pupils get so passionate about the project – they really take ownership of the build and you can see a lot of pride in their faces the first time that the engine is fired up. As each car reaches completion, Caterham Cars take it off the School’s hands and thoroughly check it over before selling it on, thus releasing the funds to provide the next kit at no further cost.

Richard Hammond, The Daily Mirror, Friday 21st November 2008: “Best School Project Ever: As you know, I love science and am always keen to find ways of getting kids interested in why things go fast, etc. So I like this scheme. A school in Caterham, Surrey is being given a Caterham Seven sports car in kit form which the kids will build learning about Physics along the way. Once finished it will be sold and that will pay for a kit for the following year. Brilliant!

Contact: Mr Ogilvie

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