Preview – Politics Magazine

Preview – Politics Magazine

Preview is Caterham School’s in-house Political journal. It was set up in 1999 by Will Moy, David Bishop, Colin Hoad and Alex Steer. Their intention from the outset was to create a publication that would include articles by students, teachers and high profile contributors from the world of national and international politics.

Equally important was the desire to create a magazine that was essentially run by, published by and launched by Sixth Form students. Ultimately though, the trail blazing editors were keen to produce something whereby students could share their opinions on a range of issues to a wider audience – and they were adamant that those opinions could be freely and openly aired. I am pleased to say that subsequent editors have been true to the aspirations of the founders and Preview continues to be a magazine that challenges its readers and champions free thinking and freedom of expression.

Over the years the articles have been wonderfully wide ranging. Equally, we are proud that so many high profile political figures have opted to write for Preview including John Redwood MP, Tony Benn PC, Simon Hughes MP, Lord Howe and Nigel Farage MEP. Each year, the new editors become increasingly ambitious in terms of the launch and in 2007 the team took Preview to another level by launching at Portcullis House in Westminster. Since then, the Preview ‘road-show’ has been unstoppable and launch venues have included Portcullis House, Southwark Cathedral, the Palace of Westminster and Westminster Cathedral Hall and we have secured the likes of David Blunkett MP, Matthew Wright, John Bercow MP and Angus Deayton to act as guest speakers. The Preview brand is therefore becoming increasingly recognised and it was wonderful to have it endorsed recently by Boris Johnson who suggested that ‘Preview is a great read and, best of all; it comes in toilet sized chunks!’

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