Deutscher Stammtisch Club

Deutscher Stammtisch Club

In Germany, a “Stammtisch” is traditionally a table in a bar where all the regulars meet at a specific time to put the world to rights.

The Caterham version of a “Deutscher Stammtisch” is for Sixth Form students who are studying German.

They are invited to meet after school once in a while and eat German snacks whilst conversing solely in German. The club has evolved to the extent that all A2 German students plus any AS pupils who wish to do so, present an aspect of German culture to the group for debate and discussion.

Students who have perhaps already discontinued their formal study of German but wish to pursue it still at a conversational level are most welcome. In fact this has already been the case with a couple of pupils, who were amazed how quickly their German came back to them! Fifth Year pupils are now also invited to join in if they can.

Time: Twice per half term, Thursdays 4.10pm

Location: ML16

Contact: Mrs Clifton


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